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  1. 2014.12.10 SangSaeng No. 41 Published
  2. 2014.08.05 40th issue of SangSaeng
  3. 2014.08.05 launch of SangSaeng app
  4. 2014.04.25 [publication] SangSaeng No. 39
  5. 2013.11.05 상생 37호 발행
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SangSaeng’s 41st issue, entitled, “International Law and Global Community,” stresses the importance of fostering global citizenship through understanding international law. Various articles of this edition provide readers with an opportunity to give a glimpse of international law. 

First, Dr. Kishore Singh highlights the importance of the right to education, which is inscribed in several international laws as a fundamental right. Second, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre presents the World Heritage Convention as an instrument to protect world heritage. Third, Dr. Seungjun Lee emphasizes that a new climate agenda beyond the Kyoto Protocol is needed in order to overcome the climate change. Fourth, Dr. Seetulsingh offers examples on international human rights law under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
In Addition, Ms. Theophania Chavatzia from UNESCO Headquarters introduces the recently published report on Global Citizenship Education.
Through the articles of this issue, readers will be able to understand the imperatives of the 21st century that exist both at local and international levels.
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APCEIU 안과밖2014.08.05 16:52

We here at APCEIU are proud to present our 40th issue of SangSaeng!

This summer issue, titled, “From Conflict to Concord,” engages with the topic of armed conflict and its effects on the livelihoods of those living in the Asia-Pacific. It also seeks to inspire hope through acknowledging the efforts made to promote peace and cooperation.


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APCEIU가 알립니다2014.08.05 16:39
We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first SangSaeng app, available for iPad users! Now, you can experience our 39th issue, “Exploring Colourful Asia” in a fun, interactive way. The contents of this app include a brief exploration... into India’s Holi festival and Korea’s traditional colours along with interviews and articles that delve into other interesting and informative topics. With this digitally published version, you will be able to actively engage with the articles using new interactive features.

You can download this app for free using your iTunes account by searching “SangSaeng” in the Apple iTunes store!

*This app is available only for iPad at this moment.



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SangSaeng No. 39 - “Exploring Colourful Asia” has been published. This spring edition introduces multifarious stories of Asia through “colours” which can be effective tools to learn about the different cultures. Furthermore, this issue attempts to spur mutual understanding by providing an opportunity to explore the meaning and history of colours reflected to their festivals, architecture, food and daily lives.


pdf download: http://www.apceiu.org/board/bbs/link.php?bo_table=m411&wr_id=69&no=1

web versioin: http://issuu.com/434727/docs/no.39/3?e=11369602/7601219


 Sangsaeng is an English magazine published three times a year that is a platform for constructive discussion of EIU issues, methods and experiences in the field of education for international understanding-including education for peace, human rights, cultural diversity and sustainable development. SangSaeng (상생/相生) is originated from a word with two Chinese characters:相 and 生. Sang (相) means 'mutual' (each other) and Saeng (生), meaning 'life'. Put together, they mean "living together" and "helping each other".


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아태교육원은 “글로벌시민의식 함양 어떻게 할 것인가(How to Foster Global Citizenship?)”라는 제목으로 상생 37호를 출간하였다. 이번 호에서는 UN에서 주창하고 있는 글로벌시민의 개념을 심도 있게 살펴보고, 글로벌시민 함양을 위한 교육방법에 대하여 논하였다. 뿐만 아니라 세계 각국의 글로벌시민교육 현장에서 실시되고 있는 다양한 프로그램 소개를 통해 더욱 생생한 정보와 이야기를 전할 수 있을 것으로 기대된다.
3  인사말
4  스페셜 칼럼
    하나의 휴머니티를 위한 참된 시민 양성  
8  Focus: 글로벌시민의식 함양 어떻게 할 것인가?

8  글로벌시민교육을 통한 세계 문제의 해결 
    13  글로벌 관점을 지닌 글로벌시민 양성하기 
    18  새로운 세상의 시작은 교육으로부터  
    23  세계 각국의 글로벌시민교육   
28  EIU 모범사례
    28  지속가능한 환경을 위한 핸드프린트 활동: 인도  
    32  부탄교사들의 새로운 교육 모델 학습: 부탄   
35  만화로 쉬어가는 코너
    도시의 노래(Song of the City): 이란 
36  스페셜 리포트
    글로벌시민교육 기반 마련을 위한 협력 
40  인터뷰
    빈곤의 잿더미에서 글로벌 사회 만들기 
42  APCEIU에 보내는 편지
    사진으로 담아낸 화목한 세상: 통아  
44  내 기억 속의 평화
    골프, 평화를 말하다   
47  아시아 태평양 지역 이해하기
    자물쇠의 발견: 잠금과 열림 그 이상의 의미 
50  교육원 활동

상생 다운로드 받기 : http://www.unescoapceiu.org/sangsaeng/37




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